Welcome to IT DP Wiki

This is an experimental wiki to see how we can use wiki-format to enhance teaching and studying. Currently this site has information related only to courses listed in linkpage.

Students can create and edit pages under category students, more of this on lectures. Its preferable that students create only pages related to courses. Eg. a groupwork could be reported as a new page if that's agreed with teacher.

Wikidot is a free hosted wiki-farm where people can set up their own wikis. So if a class likes to get their own site it could be a good practise that students in a class agree who is the administrator to their wiki and what kind of policies they like to set up for site membership, page creation and editing rights. Then the admin can take care of the creation and management tasks. Before the site is created the creator must accept the terms of service set up by wikidot Inc. It's important that everybody knows the rules so that the moderation of the contents and discussions is easier to admin and moderator assigned to site.

In wiki's each page has discussion possibility so that users can discuss about topics related to a page. User can register also as an observant to a page. Whenever that page changes user gets email. I Think this could be nice tool for announcements.

This is also a good way to get touch with application level communication tehcnologies.


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