Homework 6 - Garage Door Control

Wanted behaviour

  • When user presses remote control button the door should start opening and open fully.
  • When user presses remote control button and the door is fully open it should start to close and finally be closed fully.


  • Door fully open (OPEN)
  • Door fully closed (CLOSED)
  • Remote sensor button (RMT_BUTTON 1 Button is pressed, 0 Button is released)

Control outputs

  • motor on (MOTOR value 1 keeps motor running)
  • direction (DIRECTION 1=DOWN 0=UP)

Your task

  • Design a state chart that describes the wanted behaviour and shows how to achieve it by help of sensors and control outputs
  • See page State Chart Link page for information about State Charts.
  • Comment some of the articles (Click discuss in the bottom of this page)

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Here You can download a simple UML Tool

partial solution

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