Lan Switching And Wireless (CNA III)


  • Student get skills to design and implement switched networks.
  • Hierarchical Switched Network model: access-, distribution- and backbone layers.
  • Basic switch management
  • Virtual LANs
  • Protocols and switch functionality that support switched network management and operation (VTP, STP)
  • Inter VLAN routing
  • Wireless LAN's

Prerequisite: Network Fundamentals



  • Networking Fundamentals: supervised weekly chapter exams + theory final exam
  • Routing Protocols And Concepts: unsupervised weekly chapter exams + theory final exam + Lab final exam
  • Lan Switching And Wireless:unsupervised weekly chapter exams + theory final exam
  • Accessing The Wan: unsupervised chapter exams + theory final + Lab final exam that covers all CNA -courses.


  • Networking Fundamentals: 1
  • Routing Protocols And Concepts: 10 labs
  • Lan Switching And Wireless: 7 labs
  • Accessing The Wan: 3 labs

LINKS: Spanning tree animation

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