Network Fundamentals (CNA1)


  • Introduction to architecture, structure and functions of the Internet and other computer networks
  • OSI and TCP layered models are used to understand the roles of protocols and services at the application, network, data link and physical layers
  • IP Addressing: structure and principles.
  • Introduction to Ethernet LAN-technology
  • Network applications

Prerequisite: none



  • Networking Fundamentals: supervised weekly chapter exams + theory final exam
  • Routing Protocols And Concepts: unsupervised weekly chapter exams + theory final exam + Lab final exam
  • Lan Switching And Wireless:unsupervised weekly chapter exams + theory final exam
  • Accessing The Wan: unsupervised chapter exams + theory final + Lab final exam that covers all CNA -courses.


  • Networking Fundamentals: 1
  • Routing Protocols And Concepts: 10 labs
  • Lan Switching And Wireless: 7 labs
  • Accessing The Wan: 3 labs
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